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Atgimimo aikštės regeneravimo variantų vertinimas ir jų vertinimas Diagnostiniai testai Diagnostinių testų sąrašas Variantai ir jų vertinimas.

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Gramatikos normų variantai ir jų variantų vertinimas ypatumai Kalbos kultūra. ISSN Keywords [eng] Grammar ; comparative and general ; Standartization Abstract [eng] The article variantai ir jų vertinimas with systemic and functional features of the varieties of grammatical norms. It also analyses some factors to be taken into consideration when standardising the varieties.

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From the point of view of their quality, grammatical variants can be of equal and non-equal status. In addition, discrimination should be made between main and secondary varieties of the norm. Diagnostiniai testai The main variety, as a rule, is a neutral norm, whereas secondary varieties can have some minor shades of meaning and are restricted to a particular area of usage i.

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When setting a value on one of the above norms, it is very important to have access to the statistics of actual usage data. Eventually, it can introduce corrections into codification, or ways of giving variants in papers on norms and standardisation.

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On the basis of the data drawn from the language corpus of Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, the paper also discusses the relationship between actual and codified norm of some frequently used grammar forms. Svarbi informacija.

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